Nonconformity in focus (NL)

Nonconformity in focus (NL)

Would you like to deal with nonconforming products the right way? You’re in the right spot!

Our course, ‘Focus on Nonconformity’, gives a full view of a nonconforming product process. It shows how to spot it and manage it.

The course guides you step by step in handling nonconforming products. It links nonconforming product management, risk management, and root cause analysis. This full view makes sure you’re ready to handle any nonconformities.

As part of the course, we give a free template for your nonconforming product reports. Many firms use it. This template is a great start for your journey. You can tweak it to fit your needs.

Join our course now. Improve your quality control. Your customers will be grateful!

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50.00 €
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