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Who or what is “bingenious”?


“bingenious” is the name of the company.

It comes from the English words “be ingenious”.

This means to work efficiently and creatively.


Kristien works at “bingenious”.

With her skills, she can help your company.

To reach goals in a better and more efficient way.


Sometimes a company makes little progress with its plan.

Therefore, it needs help from another company.

We from “bingenious” can help.


Every company is different.

Every employee works differently.

Every company needs different help.

There are different ways to help other companies.

We at “bingenious” choose our ways with care.


We help companies sorting their projects.

We at “bingenious” also plan the projects precisely.

So that a company has more success.

  • We train employees.
  • We make the quality of projects better.
  • We help to solve the problems of the projects.


We help companies with “certification”

“Certification” means being verified if needs are met.

There are many types of needs to meet:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Environment
  •  …

We at “bingenious” help companies with all of this.


We also “audit” companies.

Audit means “to listen”.

It is a way to control the document.

it is also a way to control the workflows.


Would you like us to help you?

Then contact us:

E-Mail: bingenious@varim.be