About us

Hi, I am Kristien, the owner and manager of b ingenious.

I have a heart for people and a passion for making processes better. Dedication and commitment reflect in my work. I strive to deliver value to my clients. I carefully check the results of my projects, training and coaching programmes. This helps clients see what they get for their money.

I have earned a master's degree in both engineering and business administration. This has led to an international career. In industry, education, and consultancy alike.

Over the years, I have gained experience in strategy deployment and supply chain management. I work with international standards for quality, safety, and the environment. Additionally, I have expert knowledge in Lean, Six Sigma.

I work in different sectors and organizations of all sizes. These organizations need help with international standards or LEAN management. Others need help with leadership coaching, and organizational behaviour.

My aim is to keep offering solutions that promote growth and effectiveness.

Our inspiration. Our Emblem.

Despite their small size, bees are remarkable and extremely useful. They are known for their diligence, efficiency, and ingenuity. They excel in finding sustainable solutions. Operational excellence is in their DNA. 

The hive adapts quickly to changes. It responds to both external and internal conditions. The bees make quick and appropriate decisions. They do this through a sophisticated and collaborative process.

Take the bee dance as an example. It is a form of visual communication. A bee uses it to direct the hive to a food source. The bees also have a “lean” mentality. You can see this in the hexagonal shape of the honeycombs. They use space efficiently, without waste.

We take inspiration from them to 'bee ingenious'.


This is what customers say


We enable companies and their employees set up systems and methods to effectively manage their processes and implement their long-term strategies in a sustainable manner.


Sustainable companies leveraging the strength of people to make processes more effective.


Transparency, clarity, and reliability are at the heart of our commitment. We strive to deliver quality service and build trusting relationships.