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Stop allowing inefficiencies and miscommunication. Make every meeting meaningful. Ensure everyone knows their role. Give access to the information they need. This prevents missed deadlines and maintains engagement. A clear guiding principle is the key.

Your team's compass: the true North

Your organization’s True North is more than just a guide. It provides clear direction. It ensures your teams move together towards shared goals. Let it be the beacon that aligns your actions and fosters a sense of purpose within your team. Watch as alignment increases engagement.

Raise productivity with employee engagement.

Let us help you shape your strategic plan and align your organization with its True North. Our process and tools will clarify team roles. This understanding fuels engagement and motivation. Experience the uplift in productivity when your team aligns with the true North.


Employees most committed to your organization put in 
57% more effort on the job 


Employees most committed to their job are 
87% less likely to resign

When you get rid of unneeded steps and fix or update broken processes, employees are 
20% more likely to deliver a great experience for customers.

When you get rid of unneeded steps and fix or update broken processes, employees are 
56% more likely to be engaged 
in their day-to-day jobs.

Source: The Experience Mindset from Tiffani BOVA

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The b ingenious workshop gave us a clearer sense of purpose and direction, which made our team meetings and priority settings more effective.

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True North” in an organizational context is a strategic vision or purpose. It acts as a compass. It guides the organization from its current state to its desired state. The focus is on what the organization aspires to be, rather than its current capabilities. While the organization might never reach perfection, “True North” provides a path for continuous improvement. When a business is changing, “True North” helps to decide what steps to take. It offers a way to measure success. It makes the change a part of everyday work, instead of a special project.

Yes, any organization can benefit from defining and following a “True North”. It is a strategic compass for an organization. It blends purpose and beliefs into a guide for an individual or organization towards their ultimate goals. Therefore, it fosters a purpose-driven culture that aligns all employees. So, it helps create a culture where everyone is working towards the same goal. It helps decide what work is most important, makes people more involved, and makes the work environment better. It makes customers happier by making the quality better. It keeps the company focused on its main goal. It helps develop real leadership. It offers strategic guidance for initiatives across various work streams. The result is that changes become a normal part of daily work.

Implementing “True North” in an organization means making it clear what it is. Then, telling everyone about it and aligning strategies with it. Always checking how close you are to it and changing things if needed. It’s unique to each organization. Everyone needs to keep working hard and stay committed. Rather than being a destination, it serves as a guiding path that assists the group in achieving its ultimate goals.

Communication is key. You must communicate True North clearly and regularly to all team members. Therefor you need to define it clearly and share it openly through various channels. You should model it in your actions. You should remind your team about it regularly. And incorporate it into daily routines. You should provide the necessary training. And encourage feedback to ensure everyone understands and acts on it. Your goal should be to make “True North” a living part of your team’s work culture.

You check if your team is going true North in several ways. Look at things like how involved your team is. Or how happy your customers are. And how good the quality of work is. Regularly ask for feedback and use anonymous questionnaires. Hold team meetings and keep track of work results. Watch how your team behaves and works, and conducts training sessions. The aim is beyond just checking. It is to get better over time by talking openly, giving help, and praising hard work.