Management Consulting

Business people succeeding in putting puzzle pieces together guided by management consulting

Strategy deployment

Your strategy is defined, and you need to align your organisation’s functions and activities with the strategic objectives. You need a plan with precise objectives, actions, timelines, and responsibilities for your organisation to achieve its long-term planning goals.

bingenious supports you in the development of the plan by using targeted tools that fit your organisation. Examples are: balanced scorecard, Hoshin Kanri, A3 year plan, …

Project and programme management

You use projects in your organisation to achieve business objectives. The number of projects in your organisation is growing, competing for resources, and increasing the risk. You need a tool to manage the multitude of projects in your organisation and to set priorities.

bingenious facilitates programme and portfolio management by supporting your organisation in

  • establishing a robust decision-making process to choose the right projects and better manage your portfolio of strategic projects
  • Managing the projects during their life cycle
  • guiding your project managers

Sales and Operations planning

You want to improve product availability and reduce inventories. You want your organisation to work towards one set of figures linked to the budget. You need to be sure that you are approving a feasible and profitable material and financial plan.

bingenious facilitates the establishment of an S&OP process as the set of decision-making processes to balance supply and demand, integrate financial planning and operational planning, and link high-level strategic plans to daily operations.