ISO Standards & Certifications

businesswoman and businessman shake hands for the Certification to ISO standards

Discover how bingenious can help your organisation implement and support ISO Standards & Certifications. According to ISO, standards can be seen as the formula that describes the best way to do something.

Did you know that ISO standards are internationally agreed by experts? Therefore, if you want your organisation to benefit from these best practices, this is the reference. In others words, you should set up its management system to meet the requirements of the related standard.  In addition, to show outsiders that your organisation has an effective management system, you need to get it certified.

Maybe your organisation already has a certification, but you want to extend it to another standard? Because of the High-Level Structure (HLS) developed by ISO this is easy. In short, the HLS provides an identical structure, text, common terms, and definitions for the management system standards. As a result, this helps the integration of many standards into one management system.

Or, do you simply need support in maintaining your management system?

Implementation of an ISO management system

bingenious designs your ISO management system based on the size, complexity and infrastructure of your organisation. Likewise, supporting your organisation in the adoption by your employees, is an integral part of putting it into use.

Firstly, an IRCA-certified lead auditor will conduct a gap analysis of where your organisation’s management system stands in relation to the requirements of the standard. Next, we work with your organisation’s management to develop a plan for closing the gaps and support the follow-up of the successful implementation.

Our expertise lies in ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 45001 (health & safety), ISO 14001 (environment). In addition, we are familiar with other ISO directives and standards, such as outsourcing, risk management, knowledge and competence management, … But above all, we have extensive management experience to strengthen your organisation by implementing a management system.

Support for internal audits

bingenious performs your internal audits according to the ISO 19011 standard. During these audits we test compliance with the requirements of the chosen standard and internal rules. Of course, we also identify opportunities for improvement.

For Septentrio, certification was the way to make our company stronger, even more customer-oriented and with an efficient operational execution. Kristien from bingenious has guided us very well in this process towards a successful ISO 9001 certification.

From her operational background, she thinks along actively, as an extension of the management. She helps to examine the processes and the organisation, to strengthen them and to improve them.

Now that we are certified, bingenious takes care of internal audits and helps us keep our finger on the (quality) pulse. Continual improvement remains the guiding principle.

Kristien combines her thorough knowledge of operational excellence and ISO standards & certifications with her extensive experience. This combination of theory and practice allows her to assist management conceptually and pragmatically in the process of strengthening the company for future growth.

Antoon De Proft, CEO Septentrio