Explanation in an easy to read language

two women looking at a laptop screen

Who or what is “bingenious”?

“bingenious” is the name of the company.
It is derived from the English word “be ingenious”.
and means to work productively or inventively.

Kristien works at “bingenious”.
With her experience, she can help your company.

We at “bingenious” support other companies,
to reach their goals in a better and more productive way.
Sometimes other companies don’t really make progress with their plan
and therefore need help from another company.
That is why we from “bingenious” are available with our skills.

Not every company is the same
and every employee works differently.
Therefore you can’t work the same way with other companies.
There are many ways
how to help other companies.
We at “bingenious” use our methods in a targeted way.

Not only the projects of other companies have to be sorted.
We at “bingenious” can also plan your own company projects precisely.
So that your company has more success:

  • We help your company to
    to provide the right training for its employees.
  • We can implement methods
    to improve the quality of the projects.
  • We work with them
    to solve the problems of the projects.

You would like to have the work in your company “certified”?
Certification is the term used to describe a procedure
with which certain requirements are proven.
There are many different requirements for this: ·

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Environment

We at “bingenious” can help your company with this.

We also carry out so-called “audits” in your company.
An audit means “to listen”.
It is a procedure
that controls and documents the work processes.

Would you like us to help you?

Then please feel free to contact us:
Phone: +32 (0)476 63 33 15
E-Mail: bingenious@varim.be